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Powering solutions that promote trust, transparency, and business on chain.


SaaSy Protocol

Unlock the boundless potential of smart contracts with a blockchain-based legal agreement solution designed to facilitate the signing, management, and downstream financial mechanisms of legal agreements, on chain.

All Agreements On-Chain

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Gasless Operations

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Customize Payments

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Transferable Payments

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Licensing Agreements

Automate Licensing agreements, on chain


On chain contract automation for content licensing

Negotiated Commerce

Buy & Sell agreements with negotiation arcs

Automated Transactions

Automated condition based payments with smart escrow contracts

Surfacing Your IP

API's to surface IP agreements with assets, redefining asset value perception.


Verifiable royalties transfer with agreements, on chain


On chain condition based NFT, digital asset/land rentals in game.

IPDB: The Intellectual Property Database

The Oracle of intellectual property use & distribution.

A single pane of glass for collections, holders and businesses to read, match, translate and surface intellectual property agreements in real time, with alerts on agreement actions.


Suite of e-signature, contract management solutions empowering trust, security, automation and choice of transparency alongside anonymity, to legally binding contracts on the blockchain.
Shape the future of electronic agreements, secured by the immutability of the blockchain.
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